I absolutely love making music with others! Please be in touch if you would like to collaborate on any of the types of projects below!

Live Accompaniment

Solo/Ensemble Competitions, Juries, NATS, Adjudications, Festival Events, Concerto Competition, College Auditions. Total fee is based on the event itself plus the number of rehearsals. Sometimes there will be a travel fee for these events.

Recital Collaboration

Collegiate Recitals, Senior Recitals, Instrumental Studio Recitals, Voice Recitals, Professional Recitals. Fee for this service is determined by the number of rehearsals, the difficulty of the repertoire, and a fee for the performance itself. Sometimes there may be a travel fee for recitals.

Piano Practice Tracks

Acoustic piano recordings to help you prepare for the big performance! Songs, piano parts, etc. Fee for this service is usually billed by the hour (total time it takes to learn the music, record the track, edit the track and get the track to you).


Audition Videos, Competition Videos, and other videos can be recorded on site in my studio, or I can travel to your venue. Basic video editing can also be arranged. Fee for this service includes all rehearsal time, shooting the video, and editing (if applicable). A travel fee may apply.

Sheet Music Arrangements

Need your piece in a different key? Need an easier or more difficult version of a piece? Custom arrangements? Fee for this service is determined by the amount of time it takes me to create the arrangement and edit it with my computer.

Sound Recordings

Auditions, adjudications, performance recordings. I have professional microphones and sound equipment in my studio. Fee for professional recordings includes the set up, recording session and post-production mastering. It is calculated by the hour. If we are doing a piano recording, there may be an extra fee for piano tuning.

Be Creative!

Do you have a collaboration not listed above? Please contact me with the details and if I can not help you, hopefully I can find someone who can!